Detection and Warning System against Intrusion into Optical Fibre Cables

Polarisation Maintaining Optical Fibre Coupler Fabrication System

Multi Function Display for Fighter Aircraft

Flight Data Monitoring / Flight Operational Quality Assurance Software

Smart Industries & Monitoring

Evidence Based Care – A Predictive Care Analytics Solution

Connected Medical Devices Using Serial to Wi-Fi Gateways

Smart Cell Towers

Indoor & Outdoor Tracking Using NB-IoT

Sleep Pattern Analytics

IoT Based Real-Time Fleet Tracking Solution

Customized Smart Living Solutions for Elderly Care

Cloud Based Solution for IoT and Data Analytics

Extended IoT Feature for Flow Meter

Cost-Effective IoT Solution for Power Generation and Distribution

Panel Energy Meter for Value-Conscious Market

Inventory Scanner Solution for Rugged Usage

Diagnostics and On-Cloud Data Analytics for Currency Processor

AMI Solution for Remote Locations

Predictive Analytics Applications for Diabetes and CHF Risk Assessment

RFID Based Programming System for Secure Use of Renal Dialysis Cartridges

Medical Device Connectivity Solution & On-Cloud Platform for Remote Viewing and Diagnosis Using ECG Data

Communication Module for Real-Time Data from W-Fi Enabled Surgical Devices

Wi-Fi Enabled Electric Vehicle DC Quick Charger

Re-Engineering of Transfer Case ECU

Instrument Cluster with Real-Time Digital Displays

Motor Diagnostic System for Locomotive Compressor